Published 20 June 2019 by Christoph Schumacher

How to Use the #LINO19 Meeting App

Just like last year, a meeting app for smartphones and tablets will be available. This blog post is a brief introduction and will hopefully answer most of your basic questions on how to get the app up and running on your device.


Where can I get the app?

You can simply go to your app store and search for “Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings”. But direct links make everything easier, so here is the iTunes store  and the Android Google Play store. Please note: The meeting app is currently only available for devices running on iOS or Android. If your device operates on another system, you will still be able to access this web-based version via your browser.


How do I install the app?

The app is governed by a simple principle: each year, a new “guide” for the respective Lindau Meeting is released for download. These guides are essentially data packages, just like in some of the travelling apps you might use. To download the guide for the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, you need to open the app, click on “Find guides” and enter the passphrase you can find in your meeting programme. After you’ve downloaded the guide you’re basically ready to go. If you’re only interested in having the meeting programme on your phone you don’t even need an account.


How does the app work?

We have tried to keep the menu clean and easy to navigate. Swipe from left to right to open the menu. Here is a basic rundown of the functions:


(Click screenshot to enlarge)


  • Home: The starting page of the app includes a quick overview over vital information – like the wifi password.
  • Announcements: Here you’ll receive official messages from the meeting organisers, useful tips and information as well as last-minute-changes in the programme should they occur.
  • Programme: This section contains all the information on the meeting programme. We’ll get to the in-detail explanation below.
  • Attendees: A separate list that let’s you see who is using the app. To use this feature, you’ll need to create an account.
  • Social Media: You can find our blog, our Mediatheque and all our social media channels within the app.
  • Supporters: A comprehensive list of the fine people, companies and organisations supporting the Lindau Meetings.
  • Materials: This includes pdf versions of our printed meeting materials, including the full meeting programme, participant directory and green conferencing guide.
  • Maps:  You can find multiple helpful maps in this section. A Google map shows you basic facilities like taxi stands or ATMs throughout the city of Lindau. Also available is a collection of overview maps, including of the meeting venue Inselhalle and other event locations.
  • Surveys: We’re always striving to improve the meeting experience. Help us by taking part in this survey after the Lindau Meeting and tell us your candid opinions!
  • Emergency: This includes the most important information in case of an emergency, incl. German emergency numbers (Ambulance: 112, Police: 110).


So what about the menu item “Programme”?

Here are two screenshots to go with the description below:


(Click screenshots to enlarge)


“Sessions” basically is the in-app version of the meeting programme including all times, locations and speakers. By tapping the little plus sign (right screenshot) you can add any session to “My Schedule” and even instruct the app to remind you of them before they start. Please note: This is NOT a replacement for pre-registration for the sessions that require it. If you’re unsure, take a look at the conference materials you have received upon registration – these include your official personal agenda. “Speakers” shows you a list of people who will participate in the various sessions. “Posters” includes a list and pdf versions of all posters presented at our meeting – including the e-posters.

The panel discussions sound interesting! Will there be questions from the audience?

Yes, and you will only be able to submit them via the app! Let’s first look at the screenshots:


(Click screenshots to enlarge)


If you tap any session from the schedule its details will appear. These include the speakers and, in case of the panel discussions, also some attached “Forms”. Tap those and you’ll be sent to the screen where you can submit your question, name and affiliation (right screenshot). In theory, you can submit as many questions as you want, but there is no guarantee (nor possibility) that the moderator will be able to include all of them in the panel discussion.

Hopefully, this little guide was able to solve your most urgent questions about our meeting app. If you need more help, try to ask anybody around you at the meeting but please be aware that most of our employees and contractors are not tech people.  

One last tip: Young scientists can also use the Lindau Alumni Network app to interact with each other and find even more #LINO19 content. And the Lindau Meeting is all about the interactions, so remember to look up from your phone from time to time and interact with people via traditional means. 

Christoph Schumacher

Christoph Schumacher is the alumni and community manager of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Before coming to Lindau, he studied British and North American Studies in Konstanz and Freiburg. He's excited to connect with scientists across the world.