Art Projects

Supporting Knowledge Transfer

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings highlight the role of exhibition projects to communicate scientific developments to society. The interest and enthusiasm for science can be fostered by attractive exhibition formats. Whether as retrospective on the history of the Lindau Meetings or in form of interactive experimental stations – the concepts aim for making science a tangible, joyful experience. “Nobel Portraits” and “Sketches of Science” are the most popular projects.

Sketch of Stefan W. Hell

Sketches of Science

The photo series “Sketches of Science” is dedicated to the Nobel Laureates and and their discoveries – which they sketch with crayons on paper.

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Nobel Laureates in Portrait

The longest-running exhibition of the Lindau Meetings has presented the personalities of the Laureates in form of portraits in numerous places around the world.

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The “Discoveries” series of exhibitions in 2009-2011 focused on the topics water, energy and health.

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