The History of the Lindau Meetings

Held for the first time in 1951 the Lindau Meetings established themselves as a unique platform for the dialogue between different scientific generations. For more than 60 years now Laureates as well as young and promising Young Researchers are meeting once a year in Lindau. Read more...

Annual Reports

Every year the Council and the Foundation publish an Annual Report which provides an in-depth overview of all activities. Read more...


Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Schürer

Chairman of the Board

Member of the Council

Born 1946 in Coburg (Germany), Swiss citizen

M.B.A. University of St. Gallen, Graduate School of Business, Economics, Law and Social Sciences

Founder of the International Management Symposia, University of St. Gallen and the St. Gallen Foundation for International Studies

Former Chairman and CEO, MS Management Service AG, St. Gallen

Member of the Advisory Panel of Swiss Re Rueschlikon - Centre for Global Dialogue

Member of the Board and the Curatorium of the Swiss Institute of International Studies, Zurich

Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Roman Herzog Institute, Munich

Former Visiting Professor at the University of St. Gallen


Professor emeritus at Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, Washington, D.C.


Fellow of the International Academy of Management, USA

Honours and Awards:




awarded with various international decorations


At this phase of my life, I have the chance to work on health issues, agricultural issues, and on the need for innovation to help the poorest. This is why I am excited to be at the Meeting in Lindau. Because I think advances there will be particularly important and without you paying attention to them it is possible they will not take place.
William H. Gates III, Chairman of Microsoft and Member of The Honorary Senate