The History of the Lindau Meetings


Held for the first time in 1951 the Lindau Meetings established themselves as a unique platform for the dialogue between different scientific generations. For more than 60 years now Laureates as well as young and promising Young Researchers are meeting once a year in Lindau. Read more...

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Mag. Gabriela Dür

Permanent Guest

Gabriela Dür

born on 23 March 1957 in Bregenz/Austria

speaks German, English and French



Primary school Sacré Cœur Riedenburg in Bregenz


Secondary school Sacré Cœur Riedenburg in Bregenz


Studied German and English, teaching degree for secondary schools


Practical teaching training in Innsbruck and Kitzbühel



Teacher for German and English at a higher-level secondary commercial college (Handelsakademie) in Kitzbühel/Austria


Assistant at the sales and marketing department at Springer Verlag, Berlin/Germany


Sales executive/manager responsible for various scientific magazines at Springer Verlag, Berlin/Germany


Expert at the Department of Science and Further Education of the State Government of Vorarlberg


Since 2003
Head of the Department of Science and Further Education of the State Government of Vorarlberg


The 60th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting was an extremely enriching personal experience from which I returned full of motivation and new creative ideas. I have to say I feel deeply honoured for having had the opportunity of being there. The Nobel Laureates as well as the other participants were always open to discussion and their power of motivation and personality were really inspiring.
Rosa Castañé Selga, Participant from Spain (2010)