Past Bloggers

Many thanks to all the People who wrote for the Lindau Blog in the past:

  • Lucas Brouwers
  • Yvonne Buchholz
  • Alexander Bastidas Fry
  • Felix Man Ho Cheung
  • Simon Engelke
  • Martin Fenner
  • Lars Fischer
  • Florian Freistetter
  • Liang Gao
  • Juan García-Bellido
  • Bastian Greshake
  • Lorena Guzmán
  • Bernardo Herradon
  • Marcus Jahnel
  • Ashutosh Jogalekar
  • Thomas Letzel
  • Kelly Oakes
  • Christine Ottery
  • Markus Pössel
  • Nan Qin
  • Akshat Rathi
  • Sebastian Reusch
  • Jessica Riccò
  • Lou Woodley


Gero von der Stein

About Gero von der Stein

Gero works for the communications department of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Every summer during the Lindau Meetings he is enthralled by the informal exchange between scientists from more than 80 countries. Thus, Gero´s main goal is to extend this exchange all the year round. Together with Vincenzo Hiemer he is responsible for administering the Lindau blog.

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