Sketches of Science

Why not ask Nobel Laureates to make a sketch of the discovery for which they received the Nobel Prize – and then ask them to present their artwork to the camera? This is exactly what German photographer Volker Steger did to create the exhibition “Sketches of Science”.

In his photos, Volker Steger captures the spontaneity and creativity of Nobel Laureates; the pictures express the enthusiasm of scientists and researchers for their work. An exhibition of 50 photos of the series was launched at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm in June 2012, and has been on tour around the globe ever since.




Project partner: Nobel Museum, Stockholm

Principal funding: Klaus Tschira Stiftung


Nobel Portraits

German photographer Peter Badge chose to specialise in the classic genre of portraiture for the photo series “NOBELS”. His ambition was – and still is – to create a comprehensive gallery of unique personal portraits of each and every living Nobel Laureate. What began as a small collection in the year 2000, now encompasses nearly 400 portraits.

Badge’s black-and-white photos reveal the personality of the portrayed laureates and generate recognition for their scientific, literary or humanitarian achievements. Many of the photos were taken at the Lindau Meetings, but the project has also taken Badge all around the globe.




Project partner: Klaus Tschira Stiftung


Nobel Labs 360°

Being taken on a guided tour through the laboratories and offices of Nobel prize-winning researchers is certainly not a common thing. But the project Nobel Labs 360° opens doors to anyone interested in looking behind the scenes: Twelve Nobel Laureates have made their workplaces accessible virtually.

German photographer Volker Steger’s 360° panoramic photos depict every detail of the places he gets invited to. They can be displayed in web applications, on personal tablet computers, or on large touch screens in public exhibitions. Embedded video and audio recordings add to the entertaining and educational experience of the virtual lab tours.



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Nature Video Series

Every year since 2008, Nature Video have produced a series of films that focus on select topics and participants of the Lindau Meetings. These educative and entertaining films showcase what “Lindau” is all about: sharing knowledge and ideas, seeking inspiration and motivation, finding companions and friends, and forging networks.

Thanks to the support of Mars, Incorporated, and in association with Scientific American, the following series have been produced:


“Missions in Space Time” (2008)

“Nobel Reaction” (2009)

“A Meeting of Minds” (2010)

“Strands of Life” (2011)

“Confronting the Universe” (2012)

“Better Living Through Chemistry” (2013)

“A Picture of Health” (2014)

“Nobel Laureates in Their Own Words” (2015)


The videos can be watched online on YouTube and at


Project sponsor: Mars, Incorporated


Nature Outlook Series

Since 2010, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings have each been featured in a separate Nature Outlook supplement in Nature. With their content mix of full-length features and Q&A articles, these publications serve as high-quality, enduring records of the vivid exchange among laureates and young scientists.

Thanks to the support of Mars, Incorporated, the following supplements have been published:


Medical Research Masterclass (2014)

Chemistry Masterclass (2013)

Physics Masterclass (2012)

Medical Research Masterclass (2011)

Science Masterclass (2010)


Project sponsor: Mars, Incorporated


The Lindau Meetings: Now and Then

As the title implies, this exhibition showcases the development the Lindau Meetings have taken during their long history and highlights where they stand today. It is permanently on display at the city museum of Lindau, open daily from 10:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs in the season from March to October.