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Welcome to the new Lindau Blog. It is the central hub for online exchange of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. All social media activities will converge here year-round. Posts deal with global science issues, the latest scientific developments, intriguing personal stories and the interplay between science and society.

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An Interactive Multimedia Project


360 Degree Spherical Panoramic Photography Meets Science Journalism “Nobel Labs 360°” is a unique and unprecedented science communication project. It merges portraiture, explanatory science journalism and 3D-like interactivity into a single experience – both educational and entertaining. State of the art technology was applied to combine 360° spherical panoramic photos with videos, images and text elements. The project closes the gap between photography and film in a multimedia context. The “Nobel Labs 360°” can be displayed in web applications, on personal tablet computers, or on large touch screens in museums or exhibitions.


“Nobel Labs 360°” is a non-profit educational project pursued jointly by the Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and the German photographer Volker Steger. The aim of the project is to explain science in a new way. Volker Steger was invited by several Nobel Laureates to visit their labs and take 360° photographs and record short videos of characteristic workplaces. The Laureates gave interviews to present their labs, they elaborated on their research projects, and each granted him very personal insights to their life as a researcher. With all this multimedia information, research becomes vivid in “Nobel Labs 360°” – and the people behind it come to the fore.


The 360x360 degree spherical panoramic images of “Nobel Labs 360°”are generated from multiple photographs. In “Nobel Labs 360°”, viewers can virtually move around in the depicted spaces and explore their environment in detail. The experience is enhanced by embedded additional information like images, video clips or audio files. Users can virtually access several rooms or locations of the Laureates’ labs and take a “panoramic lab tour” that is compelling, fascinating and educative at once. As a medium, “Nobel Labs 360°” can be employed simultaneously for storytelling and to convey complex scientific information.

The technology applied in “Nobel Labs 360°” has not yet been employed in science journalism, and especially not in combination with additional contents that provide an in-depth, highly informative and truly interactive experience. “Nobel Labs 360°” demonstrates a new way to communicate and explain science. 


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The Science Photographer: Volker Steger


Volker Steger is a freelance science photographer with more than 20 years of work experience. His photographs have been published in many magazines around the world, including Discover, Geo, Focus and Bild der Wissenschaft. Steger has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Tübingen and was a Knight Fellow for science journalism at MIT. He has won the Leica "Visuell" award for science photography and the “LeadAward” for the still-life photograph of the year. Steger frequently works for renowned international companies and universities. His exhibition “Sketches of Science. Photo Sessions with Nobel Laureates” was on display at different stations in Europe and Asia. The upcoming exhibition will be on display in Okinawa, Japan, from 12 May until 6 July 2014.